Our judgment collection services are for clients that have already secured a judgment against their debtor, but have been unsuccessful in collecting.  Our firm brings the unwavering tenacity necessary to secure money for our clients.  Our confidence in providing value is demonstrated through our fee structure, as our fees for judgment collection are almost always contingent upon collection.  Our persistence takes place through an array of legal steps. Here are some of those steps:

First, we make sure that your judgment has been properly perfected.  This is a simple process, but often overlooked by other attorneys and parties representing themselves.  In perfecting your judgment, we perfect your lien rights throughout the state.

Second, we conduct a full asset search.  Using state-of-the-art skip-tracing services, asset searches, public records and social media, we attempt to locate every asset of the debtor.  This includes real estate, vehicles, personal property and business interests.  Upon locating these assets, we lien them, seize them or foreclose on them as appropriate.

Third, we conduct post-judgment discovery.  This includes issuing subpoenas for the debtor's financial, income and asset information and requiring a deposition (an under-oath hearing recorded by a court reporter).  During the deposition, we can do a forensic investigation of all of the debtor's financial information.

Four, we garnish and levy on assets and income.  Using legal process, we can garnish the debtor's bank accounts and income streams including wages and revenue from the debtor's customers.  Additionally, we can levy on any personal property of the debtor.  This includes items such as furniture, fixtures, equipment, machinery and vehicles.