Contracts are the oil that lubricates the gears of a profitable company.  They define the expectations and terms of relationships between parties transacting business.  A contract is only as strong as the language it contains, however, and when conflicts arise a business needs attorneys with experience interpreting and enforcing contracts to protect its rights. Poole Huffman has broad experience in resolving disagreements over contracts between businesses or individuals.  Our knowledge of contract and business law gives our attorneys the tools they require to fulfill a client’s expectations regarding the contract they relied on.

When a party breaches a contract, the result is never simple.  Damages generally exceed the simple loss of benefits explicitly provided for in the contract.  If one part of a business ceases to operate as expected then other parts of that business are often negatively affected.  To make matters more complicated, often a check from the breaching party is not enough to make up for the breach, but sometimes the only relief will come in the form of that contract being carried out as was originally intended.  Our attorneys have faced these issues before and know how to determine which resolution works best for each client’s unique situation. Poole Huffman is as comfortable in the mediation room as it is in the courthouse.  We give our clients creative and cost-effective solutions to contract disputes to both ensure their rights are enforced and to protect their bottom line.