Disputes are unavoidable, but how a business handles them can make the difference between a healthy company and bankruptcy.  Poole Huffman has experience resolving disputes between businesses of all sizes in many industries.  We bring business sense, common sense, and an understanding of the law to help businesses fix problems. Litigation is a business decision, and we keep that principle first and foremost when guiding our clients through the process.  Small and flexible, Poole Huffman provides efficient representation at a price that makes necessary litigation affordable.

Efficient representation doesn’t always mean pursuing a case to court.  Sometimes a close look at the issues and claims shows that trial would cost more than the alleged damages.  In those cases, alternative dispute resolution such as mediation may make the most sense, or reaching out to the other party with an offer to settle on the client’s terms.  Our attorneys take the time to consider all options so they can chart a course towards the most efficient resolution.  Poole Huffman has extensive negotiation experience that allows us to solve problems for our clients in the most cost-effective way possible.  Let our skilled attorneys provide your business with solutions to its problems both inside and outside of the courtroom.